How To Choose The Right Physical Therapist

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Physical therapy is a profession that provides treatment for musculoskeletal conditions without undergoing a surgery. So, it’s a non-operative way to treat functional deficits, areas of weakness, areas of balance concern, pain and contractures.

It’s a process of taking back the pieces of the body and put them back together from a working stand point. If something is out of the place, a physical therapist will help the patient figure out what movements or exercises are appropriate for them. The therapy can range from different exercises that are targeted to rehab a certain specific muscle from deep tissue massage, to certain types of stretches.

Here’s the thing, most people like to lift weights and like to be active. The important thing is that, your physical therapist or practitioner walks their talk. Furthermore, here are some things you should take into account when choosing the right physical therapist for you;

Quality And Hands-on Service

They should be able to treat you for an hour. If someone’s seeing 4 to 6 people an hour, that’s not something to brag about because how can you actually treat the cause of dysfunction if you’re treating many people? So, know that if you consult a practitioner that may see 4 to 6 people an hour, they may not be the right person for you. Their quality time working with you is so important.

Know What’s Behind Their Name

A lot of doctors and practitioners have many letters behind their name. So, if someone has an OCS behind their name, that’s an orthopedic clinical specialist. Sometimes, physical therapists have things behind their name that starts with a G, a Geriatric specialist, which may not be the person for you. If it’s something that you don’t understand, skip with this practitioner and find someone providing services that fit your needs. If it was a joint issue, look for someone who’s an orthopedic specialist or a movement specialist, which is what physical therapists are supposed to be. Most importantly, you want to be sure that they know what they’re doing.

Choose a Therapist Who’s Closer to Your Home

This is especially important if you’re living in a big city, you don’t want to be driving somewhere for an hour and then an hour back. Also, when you’re recovering, your body needs a lot of energy for healing. Besides, you’re tired all the time and you want to sleep quite a lot. So, choose practices that are closer to your home.

Ask Questions

It’s important to know more about the physical therapist that you are going to be working with and what kind of experience they have or how much of experience they have with your type of injury. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about them and their services because it’s about your body, your recovery and your future. If possible, you can ask them to take a tour of their space or the place where they work. If health insurance is important to you, check if the practice will take your insurance so you don’t have to pay everything from your pocket.

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