How To Choose The Right Physical Therapist

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Physical therapy is a profession that provides treatment for musculoskeletal conditions without undergoing a surgery. So, it’s a non-operative way to treat functional deficits, areas of weakness, areas of balance concern, pain and contractures.

It’s a process of taking back the pieces of the body and put them back together from a working stand point. If something is out of the place, a physical therapist will help the patient figure out what movements or exercises are appropriate for them. The therapy can range from different exercises that are targeted to rehab a certain specific muscle from deep tissue massage, to certain types of stretches. Read More

How To Heal A Torn Adductor Muscle?

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We have five adductor muscles namely adductor brevis, short adductors (also known as adductor longus), adductor brevis and adductor magnus. They are especially designed to pull your legs together. Aside from that, they are utilized mostly in playing football, sprinting, hurdling and horse riding.

However, there are instances that it may slow down.  Be it a result of an overtraining or an injury from playing a specific sport, it won’t be easy for you to walk or run feeling the pain of strained groin. So, what do Read More

The War Against Chiropractors: Are they even Doctors?

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The common causes of wars occur when there is a conflict of interest between states, blood, or ideologies. In the medical profession, doctors, scientists, and experts have prosecuted several battles such as the war against polio, cancer, obesity, and heart diseases. However, there is a long-standing controversial conflict in Read More