How To Heal A Torn Adductor Muscle?

Massage Therapy?

We have five adductor muscles namely adductor brevis, short adductors (also known as adductor longus), adductor brevis and adductor magnus. They are especially designed to pull your legs together. Aside from that, they are utilized mostly in playing football, sprinting, hurdling and horse riding.

However, there are instances that it may slow down.  Be it a result of an overtraining or an injury from playing a specific sport, it won’t be easy for you to walk or run feeling the pain of strained groin. So, what do you need to do to heal a torn adductor muscle? Here’s how:

To heal torn adductor muscles athletes can:

  • Use R.I.C.E (otherwise known as Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) right away
  • Schedule an appointment with a sports injury professional who can give you an advice regarding your injury rehabilitation.
  • If you have acquired a grade 3 strain, ask assistance from pros
  • Take a rest. If possible, utilize crutches.

Why consult a sport injury specialist?

  • They can advise you on whether you need a laser treatment or an ultrasound.
  • They can give you sport massage techniques right after the acute stage, which is really vital.
  • They can perform an operation especially when the muscles are entirely torn.

Recovery time is important.

Creating recovery time in your training program is very vital because this is the perfect time that your body adapts to the stress of workout. Aside from that, recovering yourself after training allows your body to repair damaged cells and refill energy stores. Exercise or other physical works result in body changes such as breakdown of muscle tissue, fluid loss and the reduction of energy stores.

Relaxation enables these stores to be restocked and enables repair of tissue to take place. By having insufficient amount of time to replenish and repair, your body will continue breaking down from exhaustive exercise. Often, signs of overtraining occur from an inadequate recovery time or relaxation. These include sense of malaise, depression, staleness, increased risk of injury, lessened sports performance and others.

Always relax after exercising or playing

There are various ways you can do to relax your mind and body from long hours of training, either meditating, spending time in a sauna, watching a TV or movie, relaxing in a hot tub or massaging.

We all know that meditation has many health benefits both to our physical and mental being. And, the same goes after carrying out a set of exercise. If you don’t feel watching a TV or movie, you can read your favorite book or even play video games as a form of your relaxation. These are great ways to allow your muscles relax while exercising your mind.

Of course, massage is one of the favorites of people. A good massage can be relaxing and healthy after a training. It can release tightness and tension in your muscles that have a tendency to build up throughout your hard exertion.

Don’t forget to freshen up your body and mind after a rigid fitness exercise!


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